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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020




Our cutting machine (cnc) has many features and applications. Firstly, it can cut a variety of materials and create objects that we have designed. Then it can engrave a pattern or text on them. These materials are cardboard, wood, balsa, cloth, leather, thin sheets of sheet metal and copper etc. These objects can be used to construct an architectural model, but they can also be promotional, such as a key ring. Others may be useful items, such as small furniture and lighting, or other special purpose items such as store signs etc. The three-dimensional objects produced result from the removal of material from a surface.


Our 3D printer can create small plastic objects of various types and with a variety of properties. These objects can act as prototypes, as original objects for mold making, but also as finished products. The operation of the three-dimensional printer is based on the technique of adding material and creating layers for the construction of the three-dimensional model.


In the architectural workshop we deal with the construction of architectural models of buildings, landscapes as well as small objects. This can be done either manually or using our machines: the engraving and cutting machine (cnc) and our 3d printer. These machines enable us to process a wide variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, balsa, cloth, leather, plexiglass, plastic and other synthetic materials. So we can always choose the most appropriate one, so that we can create models that best serve our ideas and our customers` ideas. The aesthetic effect is of great importance for us. To achieve this, we pay special attention to the good condition of the materials, their proper cutting and assembling. Our goal is for the model to eventually present an aesthetically perfect picture.