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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020



The architectural workshop’s aim is to provide services of

  • design of small-scale objects, furniture and fabrics
  • architectural design studies and construction of building
  • reforming and decorating spaces
  • graphic design
  • lessons and organizing of seminars related to the design and application of machinery.

The workshop is specialized in small-scaled constructions. In order to proceed to the manufacturing of such objects, the company is equipped with machines that achieve accuracy in construction and reduction of construction time. Its equipment consists mainly of two machines of complimentary application (3d printer and cnc). The cutting machine (cnc) manufactures objects with material removal, and the 3D printer manufactures objects with material addition.

Based on the above, during the process from design to construction

  • elements of aesthetics and functionality are initially incorporated into the design
  • there is the possibility to choose the appropriate machine and method to construct a model
  • the processing and development stages are facilitated, due to the immediate transition from the design to the implemented object, and vice versa.

Examples of our machinery applications are:

  • design objects (decorative, small pieces of furniture, lamps, vases)
  • molds for the production of identical articles (mechanical parts, art objects)
  • accessories (jewelry, handbags)
  • games (chess figures, assembly-modeling sets), etc.

We design and manufacture objects that can be made with a combination of techniques and a variety of materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, plexiglass, plastic and other synthetic materials.

We address both to individuals and professionals and our goal is to conceive the idea and design tailored to the needs of each customer and his / her space.