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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020


The architectural workshop is founded in Volos in 2016 by two architects Stella Vilaeti and Stella Katsarou. They have created the company under the name VILAETI-KATSAROU LTD and their partners.


Stella Vilaeti was born in 1985 in Volos and Stella Katsarou was born the same year in Samos. They met as first-year students at the Department of Architecture of the University of Thessaly, from which they graduated with honours in 2010. During their studies they collaborated in many undergraduate papers and their Diploma Thesis.

After their graduation, they continued a common business life. They participated in a six-member working group of the Technological Educational Institute of Magnesia for research-recording and organising of the issue "Remarkable and preservable buildings of the Kallikratis Municipality of Volos"

In addition, they participated in a group architectural exhibition titled "Imagine the City: Volos 2012" organized by the volunteer group "ImagineTheCity Volos" and the Association of Architects of Magnesia.

Their studies differ in the level of further education.

During the academic year 2015-2016 Stella Vilaeti expanded her studies in Educational fields. She attended the Annual Program for Teaching Education (APTE) of ASPETE Volos. Her aim is to deal with the teaching of architectural design and design programs.

In the academic years 2012-2014 Stella Katsarou attended a postgraduate program at the University of Boras in Sweden. She got a Master’s in fine arts in design and fabric techniques. These studies have also enabled her to participate in workshops, seminars and exhibitions of artistic content.

The artistic interests of both architects, apart from handicrafts and constructions, also include music and dance. They have been involved in dance since 2006 as university students, and since 2010 they have taught dance lessons as volunteers in various cultural and sports clubs in Volos.

Since 2010, they have been working as freelancers in architecture and collaborating with Volos technical offices as external partners. The cooperation between them continued, undertaking projects together, which led to the establishment of the company.


The project and work of the architectural workshop goals to provide services:

  • intangible (design, study, lessons)
  • tangible (constructions, models, design objects).

The company`s members achieve a multidimensional approach in concept design through:

  • their design experience
  • knowledge of design programs
  • application of architectural and design principles, as well as
  • dealing with each case separately.

The aim of the workshop members is to contribute to the quality improvement of both private and professional spaces. Also, through the construction of original objects, they aim to upgrade industrial products.

Being able to move from design to direct implementation also creates appropriate ground for their contribution to research.

Its members also seek to further develop their network of collaborations with professionals of other specialties such as carpenters, interior designers, suppliers, artists and the University of Thessaly.